Sweetwater Park

Sweetwater Park is located at the end of Rosewood Subdivision in Lincoln, NE.

It is the end of school, the class of 2016 is preparing to graduate in a few days.  As the older kids would spend the summer enjoying their last hurrah before going off the college in the Fall, the younger kids spend their days at Sweetwater Park.

The Brook

The brook is located at the other end of the park.  It is surrounded by woods and tall pine trees.

There are five young neighborhood boys that go fishing in the daily.  Their fishing poles are made from long wood sticks and cord line rope.  Although they seldom caught anything.  It was fun talking, laughing and bonding.

These boys are daring and took risk down at the brook every day.  They would sit on huge rocks and throw pebbles into the brook.  However, one day while at the brook one of the boys saw something unusual in the water and as he went to examine that which was in the water he slipped, hit his head and fell on the brook.

The other boys panicked as they watched their friend yell for help.  Instinctively one of the boys ran home and called his older brother for help, they both ran to the brook all the while the older brother using his cellphone to call an ambulance to meet them at the brook.

Once the boy and his brother arrived back at the brook and heard the ambulance coming, they found the boy unconscious as the other four friends pulled their friend from the brook.  He was given CPR and while being resuscitated by the paramedics, his mother was called and told to meet them at the hospital.


He regained consciousness and was given fluids for dehydration.  His hospital stay was a few days.  All five boys were given a stern lecture on safety and how to spend the rest of the summer.


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